We cordially invite you and your colleagues to the conference to present research work on the conference theme as detailed below.

Call for Papers

The Department of Sociology, University of Malakand in collaboration with King’s College London, and School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) under the Umbrella of the British Academy is organizing Two-Day International Conference on ‘MAPPING THE WOUNDED LANDSCAPE OF SWAT VALLEY: FROM TALIBAN VIOLENCE AND ICONOCLASM TO SOCIAL GROWTH AND RECONCILIATION” on June 4-5, 2022. The conference is part of the collaborative Project funded by British Academy led by Kings’ College London with Professor Daanish Mustafa as its principal investigator.

The Conference

The two-day conference is organized for the purpose to report on the findings of British Academy funded project on the role of lived, natural, poetic, and archaeological heritage on healing a traumatized society. The conference has been scheduled to invite relevant stakeholders to solicit contributions from academics, activists, artists, government organizations, and NGOs on the thematic areas of the project. The purpose of the conference is to map the ways in which Swat Valley communities are recovering from a recent history of violence and fear experienced during the past few years. The conference will focus on whether or not the rehabilitation process remain successful for the preservation of the social and cultural heritage in the valley. The thematic areas in which the conference will be focusing includes the Heritage, geography, poetic text that has been affected and how different experiences were produced in the socio-cultural contexts to convey a truly holistic approach to reconciliation and growth in the violence-scarred landscape of Swat Valley. The conference will be helpful in disseminating findings of the project and generate a dialogue with local stakeholders on rehabilitation, social growth and post-conflict developments in the Swat Valley of Malakand Division. It will also help develop strategies for meaningful reforms based on the practical suggestions given by the local contributors and expert discussants through discussions made during the process of data collection and analysis. It is also hoped that researchers will highlight challenges faced by the local people in the rehabilitation process of the valley.

Themes of the conference include, but are not limited to the following:

1.     Social and cultural heritage and its celebration

2.     Folklores, cultural festivals and community sentiments

3.     Understanding Heritage through lived experiences

4.     Violence, trauma and healing   and understanding of these processes through lived community experiences.

5.     Community interaction with heritage (both contemporary lived heritage and historical/ archaeological and textual heritage)

6.     Identify spatial strategies of resistance and healing through heritage rehabilitation and enactment.

7.     Poetry, war and living through conflict Malakand region.

8.     Market places as gendered spaces during and after the conflict.

9.     Geography, archeology and the people sentiments and emotional affiliations

10.  War objects, emotions and affective dimensions of the wave of violence in the region


Abstract Submission                        May 25, 2022

Full paper Submission                     June, 1st, 2022

Conference Registration                  June 2nd 2022

Conference Dates                              June, 4-5, 2022


Submission shall be made to this email:

 FOR FURTHER DETAILS contact the conference organizers


Conference Organizers

Prof. Dr Arab Naz

Head Department of Sociology

University of Malakand (



Dr Muhammad Salman Khan

Department of Geography, King’s College London                                                                        


Conference Coordinators

Dr. Waseem Khan  

Lecturer Sociology,

Department of Sociology

University of Malakand

Cell: +923009072151


Dr. Sana Ullah

Lecturer Sociology,

Department of Sociology

University of Malakand

Cell: +923404647796


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